Friday, December 12, 2008

The Californias.... EPIC

So after being oceanless for the summer i made up my mind i needed a surf trip. Due to one of my buddies not having a passport and me probably being super rusty at surfing we decided to venture to my third home... Southern California. I LOVE CALIFORNIA! I've been going there for years since i was like two years old. I try to go there every year on a trip. So back in mid september we packed, booked our hotel and got all psyched for our trip. Traverls: Spencer Pearson (long time neighborhood friend) aka douchey (i'll explain the nicknames later; James jolley (good buddy on the mission) aka rashy; and me aka Beardy. We headed out at 5AM to make good time.

We made a pit stop for a soda and bathroom and came across this hickside of Utah.

We got back on the road till we hit st george where my pops was so we decided to fill up with gas and pay a visit to him while he was at our condo.

So as we were cruising to vegas we made another nessacary stop to make this trip more epic.
and if your looking for the best burger in vegas, DONT go to average in n outs but too.....

Even Notorious BIG raps about this. Sorry In n out fans. Our buddy spencer also won huge money in vegas playing roulette. $400 to be exact. So we get back on the road and head for the beautiful destination. On the way there we had been in the car pretty long and spencer and I had to entertain ourselves. We see this guy driving next to us in a white mercedes or bmw with his wife and another couple in the back with the license plate "MASHY". ha ha Maybe you had to be there but we kept cracking jokes like "hey Mashy thats quite the party you threw the other night. or Hey look everyone its Mashy. ha ha He just seemed like the schmoozer type and played tennis at a club and had pool parties where everyone knew him ha ha So spencer and I started calling james different names that ended in E sound. I had a beard thus called Beardy. Spencer pulled a douche move and cut tons of people off while driving and our friend jolly got a rash from surfing. So when we finally arrived in Laguna where we were staying we didn't waste anytime. Everyday was filled with rad adventures and cool people. Every morning we started our day off right with a light breakfast at
... Every morning we went in and visited with the asian lady that owned the donut shop and she would ask what cool things we had planned and gave us life advice. She was such a rad lady. I can't remember what day we did everything but I will just show the pictures and explain. Here we went Mini golfing one of our favorite things to do. The game got intense as dinner was on the line. James and I tied so we played paper rock scissors for the dinner and he won! We lit off fire works while haning out with some friends in san diego and blamed it on James aka rashy.
We ate good food while we were there.

My generous nice sister hooked us up with second row seats fro the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Here is a short story about karma. So after surfing we were driving back to the hotel. We decided to stop for gas on the way. As spencer and i are feeling up this gentlemen approaches us. He was prob in his mid 50's and dressed casually nice. He asked us if we had five dollars to get gas. We were kinda shocked that this older nice dressed man driving a mustang was asking us for money. He said when he went to pay he had left his wallet but if we could lend him some money he would send us a check in the mail. Spencer and I each gave him five or ten bucks and told him not to worry about it but to promise to help someone else out in need. So later that night we decided to go to the LA Angels baseball game. I was pretty excited since this was the first Major League game i've been to. We go to buy tickets and they said the cheapest they had were $65 seats. We couldn't afford that and were way bummed. So before we left i wanted to get pictures outside the stadium when this random guy comes out of nowhere and asks us if we have tickets. We told him we didn't and he handed us three tickets and told us to enjoy the game. We tried to pay him but he walked off and said don't worry about it. I have no doubt what goes around comes around. Karma is so real. Here is proof

We were so lucky and grateful. We went and saw the stars on the side walk

We hung out with birds!
Met this girl christina playing guitar on the street. She is pretty good and is on i tunes.
took random pictures

We went Deep Sea Fishing and caught at least five each but spencer caught nine i think. Our Captain, Jack, was mormon and hooked us up with some extra gear. He's the guy in the middle of the group shot

Deep sea fishing is one of the funnest things to do and you should try it if you ever get the chance.
We saw Palm Trees
And Finally we spent majority of our time in the Water! Of course we don't have many pictures because no one wanted to stay on the beach. The last few days it was the foggiest i've ever seen So cal and it lasted for a few days pretty much nonstop.You'll see a random guy destroying the wave with his sick skills.

I was able to take my fish board down and it felt so good being back on my board and in the water.Im super grateful that I was able to take this trip with some friends. I love to travel. I will never forget this epic trip.