Thursday, January 21, 2010

Indonesia.... Part One

Sorry for the long break. It seems like awhile since I was in Indo but at the same time the memories are so fresh. So many different things happened while I was there. So many new experiences, insights and feelings. It was such an unreal experience. A much needed experience to be away from stuff and be isolated with a few friends and my thoughts. I kept a travel journal while I was there. I treasure it and am so glad I took that.

We really felt that we were completely out of our comfort zone about 95% of the time except when we were in the water. We experienced some pretty amazing things from surfing amazing waves to cruising through Bali on scooters (they drive on the opposite side) ha ; Drew getting pulled over by the police to no one speaking english; being on an airplane to the island Java and being the only white non-muslim people to a open wild life safari. It was non-stop action. We were even able to attend church in Bali at a members house which the whole island has about 6-10 members. Very humbling experience. 10% percent of Bali was Christian. All in all it was the people of Indonesia that made the experience complete. The nicest and most humble people I have ever met. Also the happiest people Ive met. I'll let the pictures tell the stories. Please comment on the pics you like and any questions you have. I will probably post more about my experience. Its one that was such a blessing and a learning experience in every way. No words to express it. SO BLESSED!

Bangen Beach

The Indo Crew with our local friend aleks eating at a Warung. No Utensils.

Streets of Bali

A Hindu ceremony

Uluwatu Hindu temple

Monkey in the temple about to take a bath

Uluwatu Surf Break

We chilled in this beach hut sitting above the ocean watching some good surf

Sunset at Uluwatu

The beautiful scenery on our scooter ride to Ubud

The Indo crew: Ryan Drew Poliman James Kristi eating at a Warung in Ubud and our view

The People

Scootering through the Rice Fields

Rice Fields and this super nice man. You could look in his eyes and see 100% happiness. I wanted to ask him what made him so happy about life but he spoke no english.

Sunest in Ubud