Monday, July 28, 2008

Day in the canyons

Every summer my family goes up to the canyons behind our house and spends some time just haning out there. It was such a nice break for the day to be out in nature again and be away from all the busy city life and always feeling like you have to be doing something. I love going to the canyons and relaxing and roasting hot dogs and smores and playing some tunes on the guitar. Its just not the same anywhere else besides the beach. It has such a rad feeling being up in nature in a different element and clearing your mind. I love that I have always lived close to the canyons and feel fortunate to have such a great appreciation for nature in general.

Their is the familia roasting up the dogs.
Here is my rad nephew milo and little niece ellie playin around with my sister michelle
The beautiful surroundings that make it so nice. How can you not love that!
My sister cari and bro n law/boss peteMi Padre

Ellie+smore-marshmellow and grahm cracker= MESSMilo loves when i play jack johnsons upside down song for him. He says,"Dan, will you play the monkey song for me?" ha ha My biggest fan

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Palm Trees and 4th of july

Aloha. For the 4th of July my family and I took off and went to st george. It was a much needed break from work and the city life. All we did was went on scooter rides, bike rides, played guitar tons, and ate. Super relaxing for the soul. I have been working landscaping now that im back in utah and it gets super hot and long so this was a nice weekend break to put the flip flops (slippas for da kine) on and chilled. I took some pictures and got to jump in a body of water even if it was just a swimming pool. Check it out.

This is a picture I took of the sunset driving down to st george from the car.

I miss seeing palm trees. It made it feel like home all again
Here is our house in st george. Reminds me of So Cal
Flags flying high on the 4th
El Scooter
Provided delightful and tasty food. Mahalos!
Here are some cool sunset pictures.
Nice friendly birds that live behind our house.
I played tons of guitar. It doesn't have the same effect as playin on the beach in Hawaii looking out into the ocean at sunset beach but i tried

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Schools Out For life!!!

Aloha. No pictures. No glamour. No build up. Just letting you know that as far as my bachelor degree is concerned Im done with school. Eeeee! That last final felt so good. I still remember sitting in the testing center thinking this is the last time i'll be in here ever and could be my last test. Crazy heavy stuff. Loved my college years so much especially at BYU-Hawaii. Such a great school and amazing people. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I will extremely miss those good times but they'll stay with me. Ok this just got super weird and cheesy but any of you know how much BYU-Hawaii and Hawaii pride i have you'll look past it. I was so stoked how well everything worked out for me and the timing with going to school in Hawaii. It couldn't have been any better. I came across so many good people and am very fortunate for their friendships and adventures we've had. I feel like im giving my oscar thanking all the people that got me here. haha Mahalos to all my good friends and my lovely fam that helped me out and for my esteemed Professor that worked me good Dr. Miller. ALOHA OAC FOR LIFE!!!!

So I lied about the no picture. Our 490 Class that had been through thick and thin from day one of Stats 205 with Dr. Miller. Miss you guys!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kokua Festival 2008

Aloha friends. Once again im trying to catch up on posting. April 19th and 20th had to be one of the best days of last semester. It was already an incredible week with the other shows i had been too and this was the final wave of the session. Every year Jack Johnson holds a festival called Kokua Festival and invites different people to play. It is a benefit concert for his Kokua foundation that helps elementary kids be more aware of environmental issues. This year Dave Matthews and Mason Jennings played. Since we helped Kokua on a project we got VIP tickets which allowed us to the side of the stage to hang out and eat some snacks. We took advantage of it though most of it was alcohol. This is seriously one of the coolest concerts ever. It has such a good vibe and a positive message. It has a magical feel to it when your listening to good music with some of the raddest people in the world. Jack did an amazing job of performing. Its the show that you never want to end. ALOHA

Here are some pictures

The crew we went with and watched the show. Love these peeps!

Drew and I taking advantage of the VIP Root BeerMatt Costa joins the stage with Jack
Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds perform. This is the shellPaula Fuga and Zach Gill jamming out. Zach plays the melodica which I also play and during the private show we had a good conversation about the melodicasSome of my buddies at the show

Sit back and relax

Aloha friends. Late post but here is a live video from that private jack johnson show. It cut off early as you will hear a guy telling me i can't film. Sweet song though. Here you are Malia and Stu

Long time no hear

So I've had plenty of comments that i need to update my blog. Problem... When i was living in the beautiful state of HAWAII i left my camera in my friends car and it rained for a week. Her car has no windows so my camera broke and I finally pruchased one. Back in the blog world.