Monday, July 28, 2008

Day in the canyons

Every summer my family goes up to the canyons behind our house and spends some time just haning out there. It was such a nice break for the day to be out in nature again and be away from all the busy city life and always feeling like you have to be doing something. I love going to the canyons and relaxing and roasting hot dogs and smores and playing some tunes on the guitar. Its just not the same anywhere else besides the beach. It has such a rad feeling being up in nature in a different element and clearing your mind. I love that I have always lived close to the canyons and feel fortunate to have such a great appreciation for nature in general.

Their is the familia roasting up the dogs.
Here is my rad nephew milo and little niece ellie playin around with my sister michelle
The beautiful surroundings that make it so nice. How can you not love that!
My sister cari and bro n law/boss peteMi Padre

Ellie+smore-marshmellow and grahm cracker= MESSMilo loves when i play jack johnsons upside down song for him. He says,"Dan, will you play the monkey song for me?" ha ha My biggest fan