Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kokua Festival 2008

Aloha friends. Once again im trying to catch up on posting. April 19th and 20th had to be one of the best days of last semester. It was already an incredible week with the other shows i had been too and this was the final wave of the session. Every year Jack Johnson holds a festival called Kokua Festival and invites different people to play. It is a benefit concert for his Kokua foundation that helps elementary kids be more aware of environmental issues. This year Dave Matthews and Mason Jennings played. Since we helped Kokua on a project we got VIP tickets which allowed us to the side of the stage to hang out and eat some snacks. We took advantage of it though most of it was alcohol. This is seriously one of the coolest concerts ever. It has such a good vibe and a positive message. It has a magical feel to it when your listening to good music with some of the raddest people in the world. Jack did an amazing job of performing. Its the show that you never want to end. ALOHA

Here are some pictures

The crew we went with and watched the show. Love these peeps!

Drew and I taking advantage of the VIP Root BeerMatt Costa joins the stage with Jack
Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds perform. This is the shellPaula Fuga and Zach Gill jamming out. Zach plays the melodica which I also play and during the private show we had a good conversation about the melodicasSome of my buddies at the show