Sunday, March 22, 2009

Simply Good Stuff

So a couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to go with a few of my good friends to go see Donavon Frankenreiter play. Crazy thing was is he was doing a radio show that i got invited to but last minute they cancelled cause he had the flu and was trying to get better for the show that night so i was a little bummed. BUT.....When we go to the show and the opening act came out we were blown away. His name is GARY JULES. He was so so good and had his own little styler and was just a funny guy. CHECK out his stuff. Try listening to the DEVIL KEEPS GRINNING. I think you'll be sold. He was such a nice guy and just a normal guy that loved playing good tunes. So then Donnie came out and played a great show. If you haven't checked out his music you missed the boat but should get on it. He just has a cool fun chill vibe. They did some songs together but the thing that blew my mind was this guy......
He plays piano in donavon's band. BUT.... Not only is he amazing on key board and piano.. and i mean amazing... He plays everything he can get his hand on. Next song he whips out the MELODICA which i play and was stoked to see, This mini piano thing, Accordian, and trumpet all extremely well. The thing that was mind blowing was that he played some of them at the same time. Donnie would be jamming and this guy was playing keyboard with one hand and piano with the other. the coolest thing was when he was playing piano and trumpet at the same time. I've never seen that done. It was such an amazing show with great talent. Check out there stuff for sure. ALSO, if your in NEED of some good music like that i have found tons of good stuff lately and would love to spread the love.

COSTA RICA blog coming real soon. Heres some pictures from the show.

Keep it real

Gary Jules jamming


The Donnie "sick solo" face

Here he is playing the trumpet and piano at the same time

Donnie and Gary jamming

Kristi, Porter, Gary Jules, and me after the show