Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Hick side of Utah...DEMOLITION DERBY!

SO a few weeks ago (as im still catching up on posts) some friends and I lived on the wild or lets say the roots of utah side of life and went out to Toole (for those of you unfamiliar with Utah it is way out west and complete ghetto dessert)for a Demolition Derby. This was so sweet and amazing if you have never been to one. Its pretty much just junk cars smashing and running into each other. It doesn't get better than this. You see all sorts of mullets and camoflage wear only to be expected from Toole. HA!

Getting ready to punish

We made bets and my money was on the station wagon...AKA The WINNER

Here is some Mass destruction going on

More demolishing acts

Peeps at the derby

Flashing my winnings from the derby with my friend rachel. Worked em!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Long lost friends reunited

So... moving back to utah has been a bit of an adjustment and change. New climate. Dry skin. Constant chapped lips. Too many white people. No pidgeon. Oceanless. Very little Aloha. Im the only one throwing the shaka or hang loose for you haoles. ha Leaving good friends behind. Not bagging on utah just saying some changes were made and sacrificed. Ok.. Still a little bitter but life is good. After a couple months went by I could not stop thinking about this one friend of mine... No not drew. Although many great friends were left behind and still thought of them,I had to figure out what to do to make this one friendship work. With the help of my buddy jeff berg and his recent trip to hawaii, Cuzin Matt and his coordination to make it happen and a few george washingtons(cash)we have been reunited once again... Here we are stoked and happy to see each other.

He sleeps in my bedroom and its so nice to wake up and see it everyday. We have already planned a trip to San Diego for October to catch some waves(California waves almost as good as Hawaii but much colder). Im stoked to have it and take it out again. I have heard all the funny jokes and crap from where you gonna surf in utah to are you gonna take that to raging waters wave pool. All fun but your just jealous you didn't live in Hawaii and indulge on the best sport in the world. I love surfing and have for quite some time and will continue to make it apart of my life! Aloha