Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Hick side of Utah...DEMOLITION DERBY!

SO a few weeks ago (as im still catching up on posts) some friends and I lived on the wild or lets say the roots of utah side of life and went out to Toole (for those of you unfamiliar with Utah it is way out west and complete ghetto dessert)for a Demolition Derby. This was so sweet and amazing if you have never been to one. Its pretty much just junk cars smashing and running into each other. It doesn't get better than this. You see all sorts of mullets and camoflage wear only to be expected from Toole. HA!

Getting ready to punish

We made bets and my money was on the station wagon...AKA The WINNER

Here is some Mass destruction going on

More demolishing acts

Peeps at the derby

Flashing my winnings from the derby with my friend rachel. Worked em!


Seth and Lacey said...

Sweet! never been to one of those before--looks awesome. And I know you're not a blog stalker Dan. haha. We're back on the island now--just in time for school. --ugh. Looks like you're having fun on the mainland--what are you up to anyway..are you coming back to the island?

Stuart said...

reminds me of going to a rodeo in lehi once. at first its like, "why am i here" and then its like "yeehaa!!!" miss you here on the rock. stu

Tenille Gates said...

i just stole all of the awesome songs on your playlist thingy..just to let you know ;0) looks like you had fun at the derby..yeeehawww! and youre in trouble..just so you know..because matt and i arent on your blog list..i see ha it is :0) i hope all is well with you man!

Nettie Martin said...

That was a pretty fun night! Glad you came! I think we'll hit one more before the season is over.

Brain. said...

Drew and I are keeping the OAC alive brother. Who is that girl on your left (Your left, my right). The one with blonde hair. She looks familiar.
Aloha bro.

creativeexcavating said...

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