Sunday, June 14, 2009


My apologies for being absent for quite some time. May was an insane month for me. It was one adventure to the next. A few months ago my brother-n-law and I had kinda started doing a little running to get in shape. He had ran a 10k in southern utah and after we came back from that he suggested we train for a half marathon. My first reaction was laughing. Neither of us were runners nor pretended to be. After some thought on it, I decided i needed to challenge my body and myself mentally in a new way and this would be a good opportunity. Something completely out of my element. We checked out the training schedule and we're already a week behind but we put in the time and worked our way up to it. One day during my longest run, I got that runners high. It was such a good experience. I felt unstoppable. I was in a different frame of mind. So as the race approached we were still nervous since we still felt like we didn't know what we got ourselves into. We drove down the night before and pulled up at 11:30 and had to be up by 4:30. And if anyone knows me Im a night person and at that I don't like running or doing anything that early. The alarm rang and in a short bit we found ourselves stretching to run a race. It was CRAZO. So many things were going through my mind but i knew i was gonna finish. We all got lined up to run and it was such a weird experience. We were a herd of people all just going to run a course. Here is a pic i found on the internet that shows the herd im talking about. It was just such a different thing to be in. Once the gun shot and everyone started running, I just looked around and all you could see is heads everywhere just bobbing up and down. I kinda felt like a bunch of animals in a herd and we were all just following each other. The race was a real intense and challenging experience but was such a good growing opportunity for me physically and mentally. I challenged myself in new ways. I finished the race in good time and had such a good feeling once i crossed the finish line. I took myself to a new level in life. Its important i realized to challenge ourselves mentally and physically. Push the limits. Try new things. I never considered myself a runner but it happened.

So the next week to reward myself for doing that, I went on a last minute random cruise with a couple of my friends. We booked a weekend cruise to ensenada mexico but due to the swine flu, we were rerouted to catalina island. We barely made it to the airport in time. And when i mean barely, They had been calling our names and we were the last people to sit on the plane. It was so nice once we got to san diego to take off. The ocean breeze and smell felt like home again. I missed being close to the ocean. We had such a good time on the cruise even though it was a quick one. Being out on the open water is such a good feeling and catalina was a cool little town. Here's some pics of the adventures..... More MAYhem events to come shortly