Sunday, August 16, 2009

MAY-hem part 2

Back in the blogging world. Took a break for a bit after a crazy summer so far. So back in May/June some friends and I went on a road trip to Nor Cal for my cousins wedding in oakland. This was quite the reunion. My buddy drew flew into SLC and julie holland and a friend of mine here named jen all got in my element and went for a good old road trip to meet up with our good friend Tyler Ryan. The drive was crazy and long. Nevada is not fun to drive thru. We hit up some cool spots and i'll let the photos do the talking. Tell me your top three favorite photos and give me honest feedback negative/positive. It was a fun trip and we had some cool adventures. Some pics were just for fun. Everyone was good to let me photog and document the trip and be models when i found a cool shot.