Sunday, July 20, 2008

Schools Out For life!!!

Aloha. No pictures. No glamour. No build up. Just letting you know that as far as my bachelor degree is concerned Im done with school. Eeeee! That last final felt so good. I still remember sitting in the testing center thinking this is the last time i'll be in here ever and could be my last test. Crazy heavy stuff. Loved my college years so much especially at BYU-Hawaii. Such a great school and amazing people. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I will extremely miss those good times but they'll stay with me. Ok this just got super weird and cheesy but any of you know how much BYU-Hawaii and Hawaii pride i have you'll look past it. I was so stoked how well everything worked out for me and the timing with going to school in Hawaii. It couldn't have been any better. I came across so many good people and am very fortunate for their friendships and adventures we've had. I feel like im giving my oscar thanking all the people that got me here. haha Mahalos to all my good friends and my lovely fam that helped me out and for my esteemed Professor that worked me good Dr. Miller. ALOHA OAC FOR LIFE!!!!

So I lied about the no picture. Our 490 Class that had been through thick and thin from day one of Stats 205 with Dr. Miller. Miss you guys!


Tenille Gates said...

CONGRATS Dan! you da man! :0) We are very proud of you!! So what comes next? Where are you looking for a job?..theres plenty in Chico ;0) Aloha

Craner Family said...

wasssssup Dan?!?!? This is Katy (Miyasaki) Craner speaking. Geeze it's been a long time! Congrats on the whole BYU-Hawaii thing. you need to come back to UT and date my sister! HA! email me if you wanna see my blog. CHOW!