Tuesday, April 15, 2008



I decided I needed to enter the blog world and let the world into my adventurous life. To catch some of you up, I have spent my last three years living on the North Shore of Hawaii. I love it here so much. It is paradise and has opened my eyes to a different world. I eat, sleep, and drink the Hawaiian lifestyle and surfing. It is extremely laid back here and is such a different way of life than on the mainland. I have started a Ocean Appreciation Club with my buddies Matt Gates and Drew Webster at BYU-Hawaii which I have been going too and have been involved with a lot of cool projects and also have been apart of a environmentalist group to protect the North Shore from large developement which is being stopped. We also work closely with Surf Rider foundation and Kokua Foundation which is Jack Johnson's environmental program to educate kids about recycling. I am also in a band called the OAC and we jam quite a bit and write songs. I have met so many good people who have done amazing things and am super grateful for the opportunity to live here and meet them. I've even picked up a little Hawaiian, Ukelele and also some pidgeon (Hawaiian Slang) which sounds nothing like da locals. Eeee! So pretty much I'm a surf bum who likes to jam and a Hippie. I can totally accept all those roles. I have so many good friends from around the globe. I plan to visit a lot of them as soon as this degree pays off. I love cultures and I love the ocean.

That is me at Chuns Reef looking over at Jocko's mean barrels and thinking I would get worked on that wave. Eeee! The Ocean and Hawaii are a part of my life now and will always be where ever I go. ALOHA!!!!