Sunday, January 18, 2009

If I married a Lebanese....Hmmm

This is a rad picture of the country Lebanon. I would say it looks like a place I would love to see and explore. I don't know much about lebanon but it could offer some good pictures and an awesome adventure for sure. After doing little research on Lebanon, I found out there is a couple surf spots in one area called batroun. I would not move there unless I could have a surf break somewhat close. Where im getting with all this is this past friday I went with some friends to a authentic Lebanese/Middle Eastern restaurant for dinner. Anyone who knows me well understands im a simple eater. Love cereal and other simplistic food. I decided if im going to travel I need to just try different things and why not start now. I told my friends this would decide if I could marry a lebanese woman and move to the middle east.

This is the place we went to eat
The next picture displays an authentic drink from the Lebanon area. Its called "Limeade".
It was decent but really tangy and sourish. Nothing your chugging down. I finished a half a glass in an hour.

This next picture is a digital replica of the food I ate. The sandwich to your right is a "Mediterranean steak and cheese sandwich" with there local sauce and spices on it. It was actually pretty good. Second thing you notice is the little pizza. It was a Lamb pizza with onions and some other local lebanese sauce. It tasted more like an onion wrapped with bread and minor sauce. Not stoked on the pizza at all.

So... Comes the question... Would I marry a lebanese woman? I don't currently know any at the moment so I don't think its a big worry or decision I have to make but if I had to decide I think I could survive but not be super happy.


AaReAn said...

thats crazy...i just met a girl from lebanon!!! :-)

Josh said...

I liked your post about Lebanon, if you did not find any Lebanese to marry you, you have to visit Lebanon it is one of the best place in the Middle east, and you will enjoy the cuisine
P.s: we call this Pizza MANKOUCHE

rachel merkley said...

You know, I don't think grandma and grandpa would be okay with that. You might have to wait til they're not with us to make such a drastic choice in a wife :)

The Price Family said...

No our camera is the Nikon D40. We want to travel the WORLD too.

sara barakat said...
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sara barakat said...

I am half lebanese half french
and to be ur wife i guess you have to lose some weight!

Lac said...

At first it looked like "IF I MARRIED A LESBIAN" I was a little weirded out. But as I looked closer I was feeling much better about your headline!

Tenille Gates said...

..i dunno about the lebanese thing however the camera you got for christmas is RAD! :o) i just recently purchased an SLR myself..its alot to learn but its SO fun! I better see some good pics of your girlfriend soon ;0) i hope all is well with you, man!