Saturday, October 4, 2008

Life, Love, Laughter

This was a month or two ago. So there are good things about moving back to Utah... It took awhile to find but its found. CONCERTS ha ha This local radio show 101.9 THE END is one of the only radio stations that plays Surf music such as jack, tristan, and Donavon. It so happens that Donavon Frankenreiter was cruising around in Utah for no reason and they got him to do a small show in the park. It was so rad. When i heard it on the radio i was super stoked on it. It was gonna be at a park close to downtown salt lake at noon. I knew this would be a way low key show and it totally was. Most people in Utah don't listen to "Beach Music" as the radio DJ's call it in a somewhat slandering way... Which is fine by me cause they just haven't lived the good life. ha ha I show up and donnie is just hanging out right there and totally reminded me of Hawaii and being a surf bum. Him and his base player get out the acoustic guitars and jam on a picnic table which of course i was right in front. He is promoting a new cd which you should check out Cause it WAY good. Its called Life, Love, Laughter. GO to i tunes. Here is some photos and footage of the show. The sound may not be way clear since i was right in front.CHECK OUT HIS CD. Aloha


Nettie Martin said...

Remember how you didn't bother to give me the heads up about the show but I was already on top of it and calling you to make sure you knew about it =) That was freaking awesome! And what's with the old lady stepping in front of your picture?