Monday, October 27, 2008

Maybe we all just fall to pieces

I was so stoked this week to FINALLY get this new cd i have been waiting for. His name is MAT MCHUGH. not MATT but MAT. He is the lead singer for the beautiful girls. They are on of my favorite bands. They come out of australia and are so good. He decided to do a side project of some acoustic stuff he had been working on and tried a little solo thing. No worries. He has not left the beautiful girls. I totally recommend this cd. Check it out on i tunes. The album is called separatista. It is pretty chill and does a version of "ring the alarm" a classic sublime song. Also if you don't know me well and i haven't burned you any cds check out the beautiful girls. They have acoustic/roots reggae/dub sound. It is way chill. Let me know what ya think of the stuff by leaving a comment.


Nettie Martin said...

Apparently you listen to the same stuff a lot of lesbians listen to =) It was fun seeing you last night.

Spencer said...

yeah . . .what nettie said. I didnt know you were a lesbian

Seth and Lacey said...

Dan your comments on my blog are always so funny--you crack me up!! hey food fest this semester was soooo lame--ESPECIALLY without the ocean appreciation club acai bowls---Dan we need you back in Hawaii--its for the greater good.