Monday, November 10, 2008

Sleep through the static

I know im totally lagging on this but i had to post it. So im gonna brief you real quick so this all makes sense. Back in the winter semester at BYU Hawaii I was in the final semester of school and being club President for the schools best club, Ocean Appreciation Club which my good friend Matt Gates and I had started the end of my first semester there. In short we organized beach clean ups and worked with surf organizations and surf shops on the north shore to make a good connection with the community. My last semester there we had an amazing opportunity (much mahalos to my good friend Julie) to help jack johnson's Kokua Foundation organize a HUGE beach clean up for them in support of his annual Kokua music festival. I had the honor to work closely with the good people of Kokua foundation and especially Kim Johnson, Jack's wife. After this successful event and a few days before my departure back to Utah, Kim Johnson called me to come to her hous for an interview to work with them. Long story short when Jack came to play in slc they hooked me up with the COOLEST night ever.... BACKSTAGE PASSES. It was so fun to hang out with all the bands behind the scene and to see my good friends from hawaii again. The show was EPIC! My friend porter and i were able to stay on the side of the stage the whole night. It was such an awesome feeling too see how it all works and to hang out with all of those people. We hung out with the Neil Halstead band quite a bit of the night. They were so nice and funny. They are from england and we talked about surfing all night. When Jack came on it was so rad to be on stage as he came out. You could feel the energy from the crowd and see the faceless people waiting to hear him play. It was such an awe struck feeling knowing that he gets this reaction every show. The show was so fun and him and his wife were so kind to us. HUGE Mahalos to Kim Johnson for the tickets. Check out this epic night. I'll try to upload the video

Here is Neil Halstead. Such a good musician and rad guy

Here is the whole Neil Halstead band in action. Check out there music

Reppn it on stage

What they do when their not playing music. Jack's ping pong table

The second band Rogue Wave. Not my favorite

Jack and the band arrive on stage

Zach Gill jammin out on the MELODICA! Keeled it

Zach, Jack, Guy from rogue wave, and Neil Halstead jamming

Jack on guitar and Zach on accordian

Jack playing solo

Jack on the Uke Hawaiian style

Me, Neil, and Porter chillin after the show


jdprice said...

We surfed with jack on Saturday morning. He kept on paddling over to where I was and sitting really close to me. I think he is stalking me. Haha. Seriously though, it was weird. Take it easy Dan.

Seth and Lacey said...

Wow what an experience, Dan! You totally deserve it, for all of your hard work with that club--totally miss the acai bowls by the way. Thats so cool that you got to go backstage!

Craner Family said...

Sweet! I'm glad you had fun!!! And,'s too cold here, even for me. Brrrrr....Hawaii sounds nice!

BrockandBonnieRiley said...

Hey Dan!! It's your cousin, Bonnie - I found your blog from Tyler's. I can't believe you got back stage passes to Jack Johnson, only you could have such fun adventures!!

See you at grandmas!


Steve.Jeana.Preston said...

Hey!!! First off..I am TOTALLY jealous that you have been living in Hawaii!! Could there be a better place on earth? I don't think so! You are one lucky duck!

It's good to see that you are doing so well, and having so much fun!

It seems like yesterday when you were running around my house with my little bro's scout uniform on and breaking Michelle Winnie the Pooh toy :0)

Be sure to keep in touch! I am going to add you to my list, if that's ok?

justin as story said...

dan i hope you do beach clean ups fpr the rest of your life