Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Mr. Aloha, Da Hui member,wave riding vehicles and good friend Bob Kaleikau. RIP 2/18/07 This day was one of the most INTERESTING days of my life. I can't believe how fast time has passed. I don't think i've had a day with so many mixed emotions. Such a good day turned into something somber slowly. A day I really reflected on my life and gave much thanks to God for what I had.Anyone who was with us that day will not forget this. It was a Saturday in Hawaii. My best friend drew and I woke up to go surf with some friends. We headed down to Haleiwa to surf Ali'i and it was such a clear day. I had just purchased my 5'10 retro fish and was still getting use to it. The waves were so fun that day. I was stoked cause I felt so good about my surfing. We all went out and took turns video taping. I had such a good day surfing and felt so comfortable on my board. There were some bombers coming through that day. I was surfing by this German kid who was about my age who kinda moved here for a couple months and was just starting to surf. We just started talking and getting each other pumped on each wave we charged. As the surf started to get choppy and all our friends got hungry, we all paddled in. This german kid ran up to us in the parking lot and asked if we could go surf again, so we told him just to come cruise and hang out with us for the day. After working up an apetite and being cheap college students, we went to McDonalds to eat off the dollar menu. After we ate, right next door is a surf shop called Wave Riding Vehicles. I had known these guys at the shop really well since we did stuff with our Ocean Appreciation Club. I always stop by and just say hi while I'm down there and get a few good laughs. When we walked in and there were some girls there working that dated the manager. I asked them where everyone was like LG and Bob. Then STRUCK the words... "Didn't you hear the news? Bob passed away two days ago!" I was in shock. It blew my mind. He was 46. Such an amazing happy guy. Always hooked me up with discounts. He was the one that got us going to the Da Hui beach clean up. What do you say. We were so taken back. We cruised on over to our new german friends house overlooking waimea. I was still just soaking it in. UNREAL. We drop our stuff off and head to the beach and play around and watched a beautiful sunset into the ocean. After we went back to that kids place he was renting a room and the guy and wife who lived in the rest of the house were out bbqing and cooked for us and were so hospitable. The guy then tells us of an experience he had. Easter 07 his outside house camera caught this so called phenomenon. He said he went outside and saw this egg-like-portal in the sky and all these spirits that he couldn't see faces all flew and entered into this egg and in the video that caught it you see the egg go up.He said the egg was like a portal going to heaven or something like that. He was super sincere about it. Not even a nutty guy. Didn't tell us to believe it but it was so crazy. Of course we didn't believe it but it was just so random even watching the video. You can see it at Just from hearing our friend pass away it was such a weird thing. So many different ideas out there of how people view life and what happens. So after we left there, Drew and I could not stop thinking about everything that happend and the emotions. We started jamming at home and Drew started playing this chord progression that he always messes around with. All of the sudden, both of us start getting these lines and ideas and thoughts for the song. We immediately grabbed a pen and started writing. It flowed so naturally and was exactly how we felt about this day. Here are the lyrics. We didn't finish the chorus but im working on that. Im currently sick or I was gonna video it. Bob will always be in my memories and his aloha spirit. Aloha Oi Bob! Tell me what ya think and REMEMBER the singing isn't that good as im getting over pneumonia:

Verse 1 Big balls of light, on the horizon angels take their flight Asking why, why we were born to die.
Verse 2 Trying to see, beyond this magical fantasy Dreams don't die, Until the next life we'll try
Verse 3 Its beautiful, this life we're living and days of mine Write it down, take a picture as the sun goes down
Verse 4 Rising sun, as another days begun Days like these, I won't forget your watching me
Verse 5 Take some time, to release your weary mind All my cares, broken up in the ocean clear


Lac said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your main man there... sometimes the best of us just want to cruise back ya know. I'm sure he appreciates the love you send his way! He's probably watching the waves, just from a better view right!?! I love what you wrote, it makes me want to sing! We need to get together, you teach me some songs you've written and let me sing with you! I wouldn't sound as good as you, even with your pneumonia! But it would definitely be a good time! I write though... I have notebooks and notebooks full of songs and poetry. I LOVE to write! We've got that in common brother Kettle! Keep it coming... I'm feeling it!

AaReAn said...

oh i like this song a lot Dan! I am so sorry to hear about your friend. There is nothing that makes you reflect on life more then when someone close to you passes away. I am so jealous you are going to C.R.!!! My two sisters are going there for a semester abroad in June!! You'll have to post your adventures when you get I can live vicariously through you! haha

ash said...

Your song sounds really good dan! I remember seeing you and drew that day and hearing your story and song. Crazy! I miss hearing you guys play!