Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sun+Camera= A happy soul

Lately I've been looking for an adventure and to get away from the cold air. Since it wasn't looking like it would snow which means no work I knew it was an opportunity for my to soothe my soul and clear my head. My dad and I took off to st george and stayed at our condo down there. I was stoked because I knew it was good weather and a perfect time for me to test out my camera skills on my new camera. My dad and I found some nice hikes to go on which felt nice to take it slow and easy and hang out with my dad. Here's some pictures I took.

It was fun just to try it out and see what i got. Let me know what one you liked the best. Its a skill in progress but if your looking for some cool photos to look at or need a photographer let me suggest some awesome talent of good friends....

If your in Utah, check out my buddy Clay's Photography who has a good eye at or

OR... My good friend Malia in Hawaii who is such a cool girl at

I hope to learn some from them as they have inspired me to be a better photographer. ALOHA!


AaReAn said...

hey i'll make ya one if ya want. you tell me what you are looking for in a blog banner and I'll whip somethin' up for you! :-) I like the black and white one the best by the way. What camera do you use?

Malia said...

Hey thanks man! I always love a good shout out! Cool shadow shot! and I like the airplane trail in the sky in the rock climber shot! Thats awesome you got to use your camera on a nice sunny day! Keep shooting... photography is an amazing thing!

claytonhansenphotography said...

Thanks for the shout-out! The pictures look good. I think the best one is the one of your shadow on the rock. Keep up the good work, and let me know whfn you are available this next week and we can go out and shoot somewhere.

claytonhansenphotography said...

I was doing a little surfing of some different photographers that I have been inspired by, and thought that I would send you a link. This particular one has some really good stuff from Costa Rica, and since you are headed there pretty soon, I thought that it may inspire you a bit to get some good shots while you are down there.