Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nothing is as constant as CHANGE

For the past while, CHANGE has been a constant thing on my mind. It started back before I left Hawaii and has stayed around my head and for the last little bit has been something I've thought of and noticed. Its such an interesting thing. Change means so many different things. Change effects all of us constantly. We all look for change. Change of pace. Change of luck. Change of job. At the same time we have a love/hate relationship with change. We don't like change when it effects something that is going good for us or when we have things planned out for awhile. Change can be good or bad. Change occurs in everything. We may change names when we get married or change our perspective on something or someone or how we view life. The world wanted change which landed Obama a new job. My thoughts are changing as I gain new knowledge through experience and change. I have come to realize that change is really a natural part of life. Whether we want it or not, it will come as needed in good and bad times. Sometimes its hard to deal with change especially when we don't know why its coming but I believe that change is a positive good thing even when we don't see the benefits at first. It helps us grow and learn. We are who we are because of change really. Although it may seem like a bad thing at times, I don't believe change ends up as a negative thing. Its an inevitable thing that will follow us.
I've been trying to write music and focus on thoughts and experiences. Writing music is such a cool natural thing. I am writing a song about some of what i've said and need to finish another verse and tighten stuff up but thought I'd share it. Let me know what ya think. Be honest. Maybe I won't be shy and will record a video and put it up here with music.

Verse 1 Waiting, as life passes me by.
Changes, it all comes with time.
You live and you learn, but life don't come easy.
you gotta take it slow and change with the seasons.

Chorus You gotta move along
Cause time just don't stand still
You've got to free your mind, free your mind.

verse 2 Live for today, don't wait for tomorrow
Yesterdays gone and time we can't borrow.

Well im still throwing around a few different lyrics and stuff but that is pretty set in stone but still much work needed. Give me any thoughts you have about change or my lyrics. Always appreciated. Aloha


Nettie Martin said...

Not bad at all...can't wait to hear the finish piece. AND your right...nothing is as constant as change- so we all better embrace it =)

AaReAn said...

what a great post Dan! Change is inevitable...true statement. I like it. I like it a lot...can't wait to hear it with some tunes! :-)

Lac said...

OK I want to see a video! I loved the lyrics.... you're super talented! You're on your way to being the next Jack Johnson! I can see it, I'll go to your concerts. You need to teach me how to play the guitar. I agree with what you said about change. It's always on my mind too. Especially as a Mom, I'm always wanting to do more, be more. I'm always stuck feeling like I don't do enough! How my Mother did it with 6 kids all the while cooking homemade meals, and sewing and lessons, and family home evening, and scripture study every morning, it's just beyond me. Granted I hated getting up at 5:30 for scriptures and Nick and I made FHE pretty miserable for my Mom, talking and what not! I don't bog myself down with all the details otherwise I feel useless! But I try my hardest and change is always refreshing!

Tenille Gates said...

Hey Dan the man..thats a rad song! ♫ It flows and is well written :0) Change is would be quite boring without it ;0) take care mi amigo!

Heather said...

Nice lyrics! I am with you. I truely belive that if you are not moving forward then you are falling behind. Change is all about moving forward.

justin as story said...

nice bro......brian woke himself up to his own drool last night. i thought you might like that.

jdprice said...

You should make a little video and post the song. Sounds like its going to rock though.

Seth and Lacey said...

Dan you Would like those shoes. lol. just kidding