Sunday, July 27, 2008

Palm Trees and 4th of july

Aloha. For the 4th of July my family and I took off and went to st george. It was a much needed break from work and the city life. All we did was went on scooter rides, bike rides, played guitar tons, and ate. Super relaxing for the soul. I have been working landscaping now that im back in utah and it gets super hot and long so this was a nice weekend break to put the flip flops (slippas for da kine) on and chilled. I took some pictures and got to jump in a body of water even if it was just a swimming pool. Check it out.

This is a picture I took of the sunset driving down to st george from the car.

I miss seeing palm trees. It made it feel like home all again
Here is our house in st george. Reminds me of So Cal
Flags flying high on the 4th
El Scooter
Provided delightful and tasty food. Mahalos!
Here are some cool sunset pictures.
Nice friendly birds that live behind our house.
I played tons of guitar. It doesn't have the same effect as playin on the beach in Hawaii looking out into the ocean at sunset beach but i tried


jdprice said...

Dude, this sounds sad. You need to come home.

Jackson said...

Hey Dan, congrats on finishing at BYU Hawaii, sounds like a great time!! Jacks and I are doing well, he is still working for the jazz and I am staying home with Hudson. He will be two in Nov. good to hear from ya.

Katie said...

Hey!!! I wondered if I would hear back from you. Congrats on your graduation. That is awesome! I am here in Utah close to my fam, which is great because I have babysitters for my kids. So what are you going to do now that you are done at BYU-Hawaii?

Shannon said...

Ha! Dan, you kill me! I love the random bird pics and you sitting in front of the lake. Or is it a pool?

Nettie Martin said...

DAN! Good job on updating the blog...I stopped checking because I had seen enough of you and Matt Costa. Glad to see you're back in action!

Jen said...

i know what you mean...nothing compares to the sunsets like at Sunset Beach on the north shore! And I've only visited, never lived there. But hey...we have rock climbing and slot canyons here that they don't have over there!! =)

Brain. said...

Dude I miss your positive vibes bro.