Friday, December 12, 2008

The Californias.... EPIC

So after being oceanless for the summer i made up my mind i needed a surf trip. Due to one of my buddies not having a passport and me probably being super rusty at surfing we decided to venture to my third home... Southern California. I LOVE CALIFORNIA! I've been going there for years since i was like two years old. I try to go there every year on a trip. So back in mid september we packed, booked our hotel and got all psyched for our trip. Traverls: Spencer Pearson (long time neighborhood friend) aka douchey (i'll explain the nicknames later; James jolley (good buddy on the mission) aka rashy; and me aka Beardy. We headed out at 5AM to make good time.

We made a pit stop for a soda and bathroom and came across this hickside of Utah.

We got back on the road till we hit st george where my pops was so we decided to fill up with gas and pay a visit to him while he was at our condo.

So as we were cruising to vegas we made another nessacary stop to make this trip more epic.
and if your looking for the best burger in vegas, DONT go to average in n outs but too.....

Even Notorious BIG raps about this. Sorry In n out fans. Our buddy spencer also won huge money in vegas playing roulette. $400 to be exact. So we get back on the road and head for the beautiful destination. On the way there we had been in the car pretty long and spencer and I had to entertain ourselves. We see this guy driving next to us in a white mercedes or bmw with his wife and another couple in the back with the license plate "MASHY". ha ha Maybe you had to be there but we kept cracking jokes like "hey Mashy thats quite the party you threw the other night. or Hey look everyone its Mashy. ha ha He just seemed like the schmoozer type and played tennis at a club and had pool parties where everyone knew him ha ha So spencer and I started calling james different names that ended in E sound. I had a beard thus called Beardy. Spencer pulled a douche move and cut tons of people off while driving and our friend jolly got a rash from surfing. So when we finally arrived in Laguna where we were staying we didn't waste anytime. Everyday was filled with rad adventures and cool people. Every morning we started our day off right with a light breakfast at
... Every morning we went in and visited with the asian lady that owned the donut shop and she would ask what cool things we had planned and gave us life advice. She was such a rad lady. I can't remember what day we did everything but I will just show the pictures and explain. Here we went Mini golfing one of our favorite things to do. The game got intense as dinner was on the line. James and I tied so we played paper rock scissors for the dinner and he won! We lit off fire works while haning out with some friends in san diego and blamed it on James aka rashy.
We ate good food while we were there.

My generous nice sister hooked us up with second row seats fro the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Here is a short story about karma. So after surfing we were driving back to the hotel. We decided to stop for gas on the way. As spencer and i are feeling up this gentlemen approaches us. He was prob in his mid 50's and dressed casually nice. He asked us if we had five dollars to get gas. We were kinda shocked that this older nice dressed man driving a mustang was asking us for money. He said when he went to pay he had left his wallet but if we could lend him some money he would send us a check in the mail. Spencer and I each gave him five or ten bucks and told him not to worry about it but to promise to help someone else out in need. So later that night we decided to go to the LA Angels baseball game. I was pretty excited since this was the first Major League game i've been to. We go to buy tickets and they said the cheapest they had were $65 seats. We couldn't afford that and were way bummed. So before we left i wanted to get pictures outside the stadium when this random guy comes out of nowhere and asks us if we have tickets. We told him we didn't and he handed us three tickets and told us to enjoy the game. We tried to pay him but he walked off and said don't worry about it. I have no doubt what goes around comes around. Karma is so real. Here is proof

We were so lucky and grateful. We went and saw the stars on the side walk

We hung out with birds!
Met this girl christina playing guitar on the street. She is pretty good and is on i tunes.
took random pictures

We went Deep Sea Fishing and caught at least five each but spencer caught nine i think. Our Captain, Jack, was mormon and hooked us up with some extra gear. He's the guy in the middle of the group shot

Deep sea fishing is one of the funnest things to do and you should try it if you ever get the chance.
We saw Palm Trees
And Finally we spent majority of our time in the Water! Of course we don't have many pictures because no one wanted to stay on the beach. The last few days it was the foggiest i've ever seen So cal and it lasted for a few days pretty much nonstop.You'll see a random guy destroying the wave with his sick skills.

I was able to take my fish board down and it felt so good being back on my board and in the water.Im super grateful that I was able to take this trip with some friends. I love to travel. I will never forget this epic trip.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sleep through the static

I know im totally lagging on this but i had to post it. So im gonna brief you real quick so this all makes sense. Back in the winter semester at BYU Hawaii I was in the final semester of school and being club President for the schools best club, Ocean Appreciation Club which my good friend Matt Gates and I had started the end of my first semester there. In short we organized beach clean ups and worked with surf organizations and surf shops on the north shore to make a good connection with the community. My last semester there we had an amazing opportunity (much mahalos to my good friend Julie) to help jack johnson's Kokua Foundation organize a HUGE beach clean up for them in support of his annual Kokua music festival. I had the honor to work closely with the good people of Kokua foundation and especially Kim Johnson, Jack's wife. After this successful event and a few days before my departure back to Utah, Kim Johnson called me to come to her hous for an interview to work with them. Long story short when Jack came to play in slc they hooked me up with the COOLEST night ever.... BACKSTAGE PASSES. It was so fun to hang out with all the bands behind the scene and to see my good friends from hawaii again. The show was EPIC! My friend porter and i were able to stay on the side of the stage the whole night. It was such an awesome feeling too see how it all works and to hang out with all of those people. We hung out with the Neil Halstead band quite a bit of the night. They were so nice and funny. They are from england and we talked about surfing all night. When Jack came on it was so rad to be on stage as he came out. You could feel the energy from the crowd and see the faceless people waiting to hear him play. It was such an awe struck feeling knowing that he gets this reaction every show. The show was so fun and him and his wife were so kind to us. HUGE Mahalos to Kim Johnson for the tickets. Check out this epic night. I'll try to upload the video

Here is Neil Halstead. Such a good musician and rad guy

Here is the whole Neil Halstead band in action. Check out there music

Reppn it on stage

What they do when their not playing music. Jack's ping pong table

The second band Rogue Wave. Not my favorite

Jack and the band arrive on stage

Zach Gill jammin out on the MELODICA! Keeled it

Zach, Jack, Guy from rogue wave, and Neil Halstead jamming

Jack on guitar and Zach on accordian

Jack playing solo

Jack on the Uke Hawaiian style

Me, Neil, and Porter chillin after the show

Monday, October 27, 2008

Maybe we all just fall to pieces

I was so stoked this week to FINALLY get this new cd i have been waiting for. His name is MAT MCHUGH. not MATT but MAT. He is the lead singer for the beautiful girls. They are on of my favorite bands. They come out of australia and are so good. He decided to do a side project of some acoustic stuff he had been working on and tried a little solo thing. No worries. He has not left the beautiful girls. I totally recommend this cd. Check it out on i tunes. The album is called separatista. It is pretty chill and does a version of "ring the alarm" a classic sublime song. Also if you don't know me well and i haven't burned you any cds check out the beautiful girls. They have acoustic/roots reggae/dub sound. It is way chill. Let me know what ya think of the stuff by leaving a comment.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


So my good friend Shanster Tagged me... Like a few weeks ago.. Not so good at these but i'll give it a shot..
Basic rules....List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 surprising facts, and then tag 5 other people. Leave a comment for the people you tag so they know they have been tagged.

3 joys:
1. My Family and Good Friends. I love being around my family and the little nephews and nieces. We always have a good laugh or funny story. My Close friends in many ways have been family to me and are included. Good Times for sure with my friends.
2.Traveling/Surfing/Ocean. Well this is no surprise to most of you. I LOVE TO TRAVEL SURF AND BE CLOSE TO THE OCEAN. Along with this goes family and friends. I have done these things with them which has made it even more of a cool experience. From the Carribean to yearly California trips to Hawaii (esp. the Maui trip and Kauai). It has given me so much. New insight and Postitive memories. Nothing better.
3. God. All of the above has been given to me by God. All i have and do is from Him. I feel extremely blessed and grateful for the experiences i've had that God gave me to help me learn.
4. Music. I know it was only three but Music is a huge part of my life. Love to listen to it. Play it. Figure it out. Learn it. Experience it. write it. Its been a huge role for me. Loved writing music with my good friend Drew and Brian. OAC for Life

3 Fears:
1. Heights. May be a shock to some but its true. After living in Hawaii and going on crazy adventures and cliff jumping im slowly overcoming it or dealing with it really.
2. Getting Older. I love staying young and doing everything. I don't like to grow older. At the same time it has given me new insight and different opportunities.
3. Voting. Not a real fear but in this election I don't trust either of the candidates or their plans.

3 Current obsessions/collections.
1. Photography/Film/Editing. I have always loved these and have done more film/editing than photography but just got a new lens for my camera and have loved exploring photagraphy with film. Good Combination.
2. i pods. This has been a collecting item for me. No im not collecting all the versions. Its not a hobby i like. I have gone through 4-5 ipods in the last 4 years. Most of them stolen and one recently died a month out of warranty.
3. My beard. Grew a beard in the last little while and i have come to like it and seeing the reactions of everyone. ha ha ha I'll post pictures of my latest trip so you can see it. Classic.

3 Surprising facts.
1. I have a beard. ha ha
2. I've never broken a bone
3. Im purchasing a vehicle

Ok now that i got that done i will tag... lacey Kressin... Malia and stu if he ever reads it.. Spencer Pearson ha ha ha... do it spence... Chelse matthews... ashley flake and... What the heck lets throw in Kristi and Jess. Nettie you would be tagged if you FINALLY got a blog ha ha

The journey begins......

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." -- Mark Twain

I couldn't agree more with mark twain. So this summer one of my goals was to get a passport and about two months ago it was accomplished. You have no idea how stoked I was to get it in the mail that day. This just opened the world to me. So many places to see. So many cultures to learn and experience. So much to learn from other people. So many thoughts ran through my head of all the places I have talked about going and seeing so many places my good friends live throughout the world. Since I have delve into the world of surfing, it has opened my eyes to new places i wouldn't have thought of going too. Whenever I travel its such an interesting experience for me. I learn so much and just try to soak it all in. my travels thus far have been small but have taught me much. A few places im dying to see: Brazil, Indonesia, India, Egypt, Costa Rica, Panama and many others. Let me know your TOP THREE PLACES TO TRAVEL OR HAVE TRAVELED.

"Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living." –- Miriam Beard

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Life, Love, Laughter

This was a month or two ago. So there are good things about moving back to Utah... It took awhile to find but its found. CONCERTS ha ha This local radio show 101.9 THE END is one of the only radio stations that plays Surf music such as jack, tristan, and Donavon. It so happens that Donavon Frankenreiter was cruising around in Utah for no reason and they got him to do a small show in the park. It was so rad. When i heard it on the radio i was super stoked on it. It was gonna be at a park close to downtown salt lake at noon. I knew this would be a way low key show and it totally was. Most people in Utah don't listen to "Beach Music" as the radio DJ's call it in a somewhat slandering way... Which is fine by me cause they just haven't lived the good life. ha ha I show up and donnie is just hanging out right there and totally reminded me of Hawaii and being a surf bum. Him and his base player get out the acoustic guitars and jam on a picnic table which of course i was right in front. He is promoting a new cd which you should check out Cause it WAY good. Its called Life, Love, Laughter. GO to i tunes. Here is some photos and footage of the show. The sound may not be way clear since i was right in front.CHECK OUT HIS CD. Aloha

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Think positive vibes

So i decided to still blog some random stuff since i haven't got my technical problem fixed with the picture uploading. I will still update those once i figure it out... Anyways.. Interesting experience tonight. I decided to go to the store to grab a chocolate milk and banana bread but mainly to get out and think. When I got to the milk section in the store there was a lady and this other couple prob in their fifties buying milk. The one lady was waiting for them to finish so she could get hers and that lady was inbetween me and chocolate milk... So we waited. I look over at the couple's shopping cart and it had prob six or seven gallons of milk... NO JOKE... I know you out there in the pacific region prob just spoiled in your pants. At least milk is cheaper here but still... Who goes through that much before it spoils. So they kinda move out of the way for this lady so she can grab her milk and as she is looking for it, the wife of the couple says, "is there a problem?" in a normal non-aggressive voice. The lady turns around and says, "no". As the couple walks off the lady starts mumbling under her breath but loud enough for me to hear, "Do You have a problem? Mind your own business lady", repeating this several times after. I happened to see this lady in another isle where the couple was just leaving and she murmurs the same exact thing in the same negative and bothered tone. I honestly thought about the situation in the store and my drive home and immediately had to blog it. My thoughts were that this lady was missing out. Here she was in the store at 11pm mad about milk because someone may have purchased her preferred kind first. I realized that this lady just had a negative attitude about life and let the smallest thing in the world bother her and change her mood. Maybe she had a bad day. Maybe she lost her job. Nonetheless it made me really think of how we need to be happy no matter what. This has been on my mind quite a bit lately and am seeing how its super important. I feel bad for that lady and pray she can find something to make life good. Life is good. We have tons to be grateful for and excited about. I really believe life is how you percieve it to be. You have to constantly remind yourself to be positive no matter what. A positive mind brings a peaceful and happy soul. Ha I just made that up. As Bob marley says, "You just can't live in that negative way.. if you know what i mean. Make way for the positve day".

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Technical Difficulty.

So sorry my page hasn't been updated. I have been having troubles uploading pictures and my page freezes. I don't know if anyone else is having troubles but Im working on it and soon will have new stuff up.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Hick side of Utah...DEMOLITION DERBY!

SO a few weeks ago (as im still catching up on posts) some friends and I lived on the wild or lets say the roots of utah side of life and went out to Toole (for those of you unfamiliar with Utah it is way out west and complete ghetto dessert)for a Demolition Derby. This was so sweet and amazing if you have never been to one. Its pretty much just junk cars smashing and running into each other. It doesn't get better than this. You see all sorts of mullets and camoflage wear only to be expected from Toole. HA!

Getting ready to punish

We made bets and my money was on the station wagon...AKA The WINNER

Here is some Mass destruction going on

More demolishing acts

Peeps at the derby

Flashing my winnings from the derby with my friend rachel. Worked em!